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Industrial Wheat Flour Mill Machine

Main Equipment of Grain Flour Milling Line---Roller Mill

The roller mill is the main equipment of flour mill line. Depending on a pair of grinding rollers, which have differences in speed and rotate oppositely, wheat or maize endosperm is peeled from bran coat and rolled into flour via squeezing, cutting, peeling and scraping. There are two sets of independent transmission systems of feed and grinding for each roller mill. The different system has different functions during the working process.

There are two kinds of roller mills. One is manual roller mills including single roller mill and double roller mill, the other is pneumatic roller mill.

The following are pictures of FMFQ pneumatic Roller Mills

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Four-roller Mill
Six-roller Mill
Eight-roller mill

doublelion roller mill flour mill plant
flour mill machine double-lion roller mill


Working Vidoe of  Roller Mill